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Hey, everyone! Dan Leeman here.

I'm a music educator-turned software architect located in Fargo, North Dakota. I started Notestem in 2013 to distribute my sheet music arrangements to fellow musicians.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and started my career as a middle school band teacher.

I went on to found the Davies High School band program where I served as Director of Bands until I transitioned into software consulting.

Throughout my career, I have always looked for opportunities to combine my unique interests in music, education, and software development.

Dan Playing Tuba

Notestem is a passion project that combines these interests in a way that (hopefully!) provides value to other budding musicians, music educators, and music professionals.

What can you expect from Notestem?

Articles & Blog Posts

One of the most striking dichotomies I've found is the content that is available to the music community online.

On one hand, you have more affiliate marketers popping up to make a quick buck by shucking terrible, cheaply-made instruments to unsuspecting parents of young musicians.

Unfortunately, they are marketers, not musicians - and it shows!

On the other hand, there is a wealth of material from experienced musicians, but much of these nuggets of wisdom are buried in the old-school web of the 1990s.

Notestem provides reliable information backed by some of the best music educators and performers in the world.

Software Tools

More to come on this soon!

Sheet Music

Drawing from my experiences as a teacher and arranger, I'll be publishing and sharing technique-building resources, solo, and chamber ensemble sheet music.


Abdullah @anyfactor

Abdullah @anyfactor Developer

I am a Vue & Jamstack developer coming from background of Python Development. I have a Bachelors and a Masters in Accounting & Information systems. As far as music goes, I can confidently play the the G, C and the A chord on a guitar.

Colton Henry

Colton Henry Writer

I am a music educator and conductor with a concentration in the French Horn. I received my master's degree in orchestral conducting from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.

Denise Lacey-Corcoran

Denise Lacey-Corcoran Writer

Denise is a music educator and saxophonist, with over 20 years of experience. She holds degrees from Ithaca College and Syracuse University. In addition to conducting and teaching saxophone, Denise also loves teaching and learning about music history.

Garrett Becker

Garrett Becker Writer

I am a freelance woodwinds session player with a degree in Jazz Studies from CSU Northridge. I am fortunate to have played and recorded with various artists such as: NIKI, 88Rising, Tommy Mora, Melissa Manchester, and Barbera Morrison; as well as go on multiple tours and residencies on Oahu, Hawaii. Primarily a saxophonist by trade, I have also extensively studied and played flute and clarinet. Always looking forward, my most recent exploits have included starting my own home studio for remote recording sessions, writing my own original music, and joining a great sonora band.

Jason Brame

Jason Brame Writer

I am a music director in Central Florida and I have a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance from UNC-CH and Masters in Music Theory and Orchestral Conducting from Texas Tech University. I have done extensive arranging for various musical instrumentations from solo instruments to full orchestral and styles from classical to pop/rock for various local music organizations, and have music directed several community theater productions. I have a passion around modern repertoire and orchestral music.

Jordan Yatckoske

Jordan Yatckoske Developer

I graduated from Concordia College with a degree in Computer Science in May 2020 and work as a JavaScript and web developer. I am a percussionist at heart and enjoy any chance I get to overlap my professional career with my hobby of being a musician.

Kelli Leeman

Kelli Leeman Writer

I have been playing and loving music for 30 years! My mother tells me that when I was tiny, I would listen to her piano students work on their pieces and after they would leave, I’d make my way to the piano and plunk out the pieces myself. It was then she decided that I was ready to tackle piano. Soon after, I started violin, and I’ve never looked back. I teach at West Fargo, I am Mama to 2 little dudes who also love music, and I am married to Dan. My favorite composers are Ravel, Debussy, Grieg, and Holst.

Makayla Moen

Makayla Moen Writer

I am working on my Bachelor of Music Degree - Instrumental Music Education Major at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. My main instrument is the clarinet. For fun, I enjoy playing my guitar and piano!

Mickaela Pasch

Mickaela Pasch Writer

I am currently studying instrumental music education at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. I primarily play oboe and English horn, but have a background in many woodwind instruments.

Shawn Leonhardt

Shawn Leonhardt Writer

My musical journey started with the saxophone and has expanded into playing, repairing, and writing about every major instrument family. I also compose jingles and songs in my home studio. I basically spend as much time as possible creating and teaching music!