Clarinet Reed Case

Clarinet Reed Case: Protecting Your Reeds

Author: Makayla Moen Published on: July 17, 2020

A high-quality clarinet reed case is one of many clarinet accessories that will be an important investment for every clarinetist. As a clarinetist, we have to buy new reeds about every month. Clarinetists who play more often may buy new clarinet reeds every few weeks. Since new clarinet reeds are a big investment, it is important to also invest in a long-lasting, high-quality reed case that will protect all of your clarinet reeds and keep them in perfect condition.

Silverstein Reedcure

Silverstein's Reedcure is a revolutionary product because it is the first reed case that has a curing and sterilization function. The curing and sterilization function is a combination of UV and Ozone. The curing and sterilization function releases stress on the reed's vascular structure, reduces warpage at the tip of the reed, and revitalizes the reed so it plays like a fresh, new reed during the rest of its lifespan. This function is also 99.9% effective against germs and infections. As a side note, throw away any reeds used before and during an illness. You don't want to be putting old saliva back into your mouth with the germs that possibly got you sick.

Reedcure only takes five minutes to sterilize and revive your reeds. Once the cycle is finished, simply turn off the sterilization and the Reedcure becomes a normal reed case. A single charge lasts for thirty cycles and charges with a standard USB charger. It comes with a detachable and cleanable reed holder, a micro 5 pin charging cable, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

To keep the reeds moist, you can place a Boveda humidifier inside the Reedcure. The Boveda humidifier maintains 50-65% relative humidity. A humidifier will typically last between four to nine weeks. Once the humidifier becomes firm, replace it with a new one. Remember to remove the humidifier during sterilization.

Reedcure can hold up to four reeds in Bb/Eb clarinet and soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone.

Vandoren Hygro Reed Case

The Vandoren Hygro reed case is a great reed case for keeping your reeds in good condition. There are six numbered compartments for easier reed rotation. The floors of the reed slots are grooved to improve even drying. Most importantly, there is a humidity indicator system built into the case. There is a compartment on the bottom of the reed case that hold a small sponge. Dampen the sponge with water and place in the compartment. This sponge and humidity system will keep your reeds healthy and moist. When the sponge no longer has moisture, the color indicator on the front of the reed case will turn blue.

This is the reed case that I have been using since my freshman year of high school. I love this reed case because it keeps my reeds hydrated, healthy, and in great condition. I also like that it can hold up to six reeds at a time. This is a high quality reed case for an affordable price.

This reed case can hold Bb, Eb, A, and bass clarinet reeds.

Rico Multi-Instrument Reed Vitalizer Case

The Rico Multi-Instrument Reed Vitalizer Case is a similar reed case to the Vandoren Hygro reed case. The only difference is that this Rico reed case uses humidity packs to control the moisture inside of the case. The D'Addario Reed Vitalizer and the Boveda Humidity Packs are both great humidity controllers for this reed case.

Protec Plastic Bb Clarinet Reed Case

This Protec Bb clarinet reed case is a great case for beginner clarinetists. This reed case is very durable and is high-quality for an affordable price. This case can hold up to twelve reeds. Each reed slot is numbered to make reed rotation easier. It is made to improve airflow and keep reeds from warping. A clarinetist can put a humidity pack inside, but do not have to.


These high-quality reed cases will greatly improve the quality of your clarinet reeds. You will notice how much more responsive, long-lasting, and fresh-sounding your reeds will be after purchasing one of these reed cases!

Photo by Aprilyn Podd | CC BY-SA

Makayla Moen

Makayla Moen

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