Flute lyre

The Flute Lyre: Marching with Music

Author: Jason Brame Published on: November 11, 2020
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The flute lyre is unique among all the tools required for marching band.

Marching band is an amazing experience as musicians execute intricate patterns and movements while playing a piece of music that they have memorized. However, when rehearsing for these performances, it is likely that the music is not yet committed to memory, so some form of a portable music stand is needed.

Most (read: all but the flute) instruments have an attachment that can hold a small lyre, in which you can clip a flip folder or a small piece of music, which allows the musician to carry the music with them, such as this trumpet example:

Trumpet lyre

But, since the flute and piccolo are transverse instruments (side-blown), there is no practical attachment that can be added. So to the dismay of accessory manufacturers, who would, I'm sure, rather make a one-size-fits-all accessory for marching band music holding, have to do something different for the flute.

DEG A16-HC225 Flutist's Friend Flute/Piccolo Lyre
When you need a sturdy lyre that's flexible for any size flutist, this is the top choice. It's wider base means you won't have your music flopping around in the wind and can focus on giving the best performance!

Enter, the flute lyre. This is a piece of equipment that attached to the flutists left arm and has a flip folder attachment or a clip that allows marching sheet music to be held and read by the player while walking. You can see this line of flutists in the middle of rehearsal with their flute lyre's attached to their arm:

Marching band flutes with lyres

The flute lyre really is the best solution to a problem that only the flute has, and allows flutist and piccolo players to thrive in a marching band setting.

Photo by spablab |CC BY-ND

Photo by H. Michael Miley |CC BY-SA

Photo by H. Michael Miley |CC BY-SA

Jason Brame

Jason Brame

I am a music director in Central Florida and I have a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance from UNC-CH and Masters in Music Theory and Orchestral Conducting from Texas Tech University. I have done extensive arranging for various musical instrumentations from solo instruments to full orchestral and styles from classical to pop/rock for various local music organizations, and have music directed several community theater productions. I have a passion around modern repertoire and orchestral music.