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The Best Violin Holders

Author: Kelli Leeman Published on: October 5, 2020
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When you are not actively holding your violin in your hands and it needs somewhere to rest carefully, you might search for a violin holder. The violin is a delicate instrument that can be easily crushed and cause irreparable damage. Likewise, it can fall off a precarious place and snap a scroll off, break a bridge, or jar a sound post loose. So in response to all the dangers that lurk for the violin, inventors created a violin holder that lets a musician carefully place their instrument out of harm's way.

Reasons to use a violin holder

There are many reasons to use a violin holder. Here are a few of them.

You practice nonstop

We get it: you don't want to put your instrument away in its case a dozen times a day because you practice multiple times a day. You don't have time to zip and unzip a case all the time! Grab your instrument and get going fast when it's held safely by a violin holder.

Calling all band members!

You are a band member who plays a few instruments and needs to switch out a few times in a set. Some violinists also play mandolin, guitar, sing, or dance around on stage. If you need a safe place to set your instrument while you play another one, a violin holder is your best bet. Nobody wants to set their valuable violin on a rickety stand! Yikes!

Also, you might not want to carry your instrument around with you in a busy crowd. Setting your violin safely on its holder will ensure that it's ready for you to play as well as keeping it safe from the crushing crowds begging for your autograph!

Memento Violin

You have an instrument that is extremely special and you don't want that instrument tucked away in a case. You'd like to display it! Look no further: the violin holder is here to help. Safely install the holder on a wall and let the instrument tell its story. Perhaps it's a part of family history, perhaps it's decor.

Whatever the case, you know that it's important that the instrument doesn't fall and break while it sits perched on a mantlepiece or jury-rigged to a wall with a few nails. Make sure it's secured with a violin holder.

Another wonderful reason to use a violin holder is that you can also remove your instrument and show it off to interested parties! No need to permanently frame, mount, or otherwise maim the special instrument.

Types of violin holders

Violin holders are varied. Some can hold just an instrument while others are able to hold a few instruments as well as their bows. Here are some violin holders that might help you narrow down what you need or want for your special instrument.

Wall-mounted violin holder

There are dozens of options for a violin holder for a wall. You can find a style for you in shops online or in-person.

Just like anything special that you want to hang, make sure you choose a wall that is free of damage from water, termites, cracks or bumps. Find a standard stud, and drill the wall-mounted violin holder into the stud with a screw. The violin holder has two prongs that will gently cradle the scroll of the violin, suspending it in mid-air.

Top Seller
String Swing Wall-Mounted Violin Hanger
Easy install, Minimalist design, and holds the violin's bow! This two-prong best-seller have 5 star reviews! Keep your instrument within easy reach!

Here is another option for those who want to display their instrument but also have a highly functional holder that also happens to be stunningly beautiful wall art. This particular model is featured at the top of this article from Etsy artisan youinthewood. It's a gorgeous wooden wall-mounted violin holder that even allows the owner to place rosin in a convenient place!

Floor stands

Another version of a violin holder is one that is set on the floor. This version of a violin holder is more appropriate for a band or practice room setting where your violin will remain undisturbed by pets, children, or other things that may come into contact with it on the floor. Both the floor model as well as the hanging model have options to hang the bow up as well. Typically a bow on the floor, unattended, can only end in disaster.

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Ingles SA-20 Violin Stand
Super easy to assemble, this sleek stand will protect and hold your violin and bow without compromising safety for either one.

Music stand clamp holder

A third version of a violin holder is one that is clamped to a music stand. This version should only be used with an extremely sturdy stand, one that might even be weighted down. A violin is not a heavy instrument, but if someone were to bump an already unsteady stand, you may be faced with a catastrophe.


If you love your violin, care for it while you let it rest. Button it back into its case, or let it shine on a special display with a violin holder. No need to drop a lot of money, as most of these violin holders are fairly economically reasonable. We also know that the cost of a repair for a violin would vastly outpace the cost of these handy and easy to install violin holders!

Kelli Leeman

Kelli Leeman

I have been playing and loving music for 30 years! My mother tells me that when I was tiny, I would listen to her piano students work on their pieces and after they would leave, I’d make my way to the piano and plunk out the pieces myself. It was then she decided that I was ready to tackle piano. Soon after, I started violin, and I’ve never looked back. I teach at West Fargo, I am Mama to 2 little dudes who also love music, and I am married to Dan. My favorite composers are Ravel, Debussy, Grieg, and Holst.